Buy Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera Standard Edition for Just $18.99 from Boonsell

While we usually associate Xiaomi with top-end mobile phones, the Chinese tech behemoth manufacturers a slew of other equally top-notch products across various categories including consumer electronics. Xiaomi launches a lot of these products under its ecological chain companies.

Earlier this month, Xiaomi introduced a new camera bearing the Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition moniker under one of its ecological chain brands, Mijia. The camera that was made available to the public on March 8th at 10 AM, is currently up for grabs for a considerably reduced price through Giztop.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera Standard Edition would normally set you back a pretty penny, but you can now purchase it for just $18.99. Touted as one of China’s most reliable online e-tailers, BOONSELL is doling out a noteworthy discount on the camera’s original asking price of $21.99.

Sporting a unique round shape, the Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition has a sensor that records at a Full HD (1080p) resolution. The camera features an ultra-wide-angle shot with a 170-degree field of view, which is relatively higher than the MIJIA Smart camera’s 130-degree field of view and offers a crystal-clear video output.

To avoid creating false alarms due to animals, insects and other moving objects that are captured in the field of view, the MIJIA Smart Camera Standard Edition employs AI smart detection of humans. Aside from that, the camera has an undisturbed night vision, which is ideal for most domestic environments.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition ensures you are not disturbed at night by adopting the invisible infrared to capture images at night. It features a full-duplex voice call design to provide an upgraded voice call experience.

The upgraded two-way communication has a question and answer style feature similar to the walkie-talkie for enabling uninterrupted communication between two parties. Once connected to your smartphone, the Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition can be used for remote viewing.

All you need to do is to connect it to a mainstream Android device take advantage of its PiP (picture-in-picture) function. Resembling a tiny window, the screen is pinned on the screen that can be viewed from anywhere without interrupting other functions.

Moreover, the camera supports multiple screens on one screen, which means, you can simultaneously view all the screens on the screen if you have multiple cameras set up in your home. The camera has a magnetic base that allows you to stick it to various metal objects such as refrigerators.

The MIJIA Smart Camera Standard Edition comes with an IP65 dustproof and waterproof protection and supports Andriod 4.4 or iOS9.0 or above. You can follow this link to place your order through Boonsell and avail of the discount before the promotion sale wraps up.

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